04 Mar

VOLZ® TAPES Awarded the Sicher mit System (Safe with a System) Seal of Approval.

VOLZ® TAPES has been awarded the “Sicher mit System” (Safe with System) seal of quality by the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warenlogistik (the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association). The seal of approval confirms the effective implementation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management system (OHSM) by VOLZ® TAPES in compliance with NLF / ILO-OSH 2001 and DIN ISO 45001:2018.

The “Sicher mit System” (SmS) Seal recognizes companies whose commitment to occupational safety goes beyond the mandatory level.  It confirms that VOLZ® TAPES’ occupational health and safety management system (OHSM) exceeds the legal requirements for the systematic, organizational integration of occupational health and safety in its operational structure. Those awarded receive a voluntary, detailed independent review of the effectiveness of their company’s OHSM by the BGHW. It requires the company to comply with the applicable OHSM standards and it enables the company to improve occupational safety permanently and systematically. It demonstrates that management understands the topic of occupational safety and that it is an inherent part of VOLZ® TAPES’ corporate philosophy.

VOLZ® TAPES take our duties and responsibilities to our employees very seriously. We continuously build upon our OHSM through repeated planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement. We know that competence starts with safety and reliability.