09 May

Award “unbehindert miteinander” (“Barrier Free With One Another”)

VOLZ® TAPES was awarded this special award on the 22nd of November 2018, for exemplary work in creating a barrier free, handicapped accessible work environment.

Andreas Benz, VOLZ® TAPES CEO, accepted the award as part of a ceremony by the “unbehindert miteinander” program’s sponsor, District Administrator Frank Scherer.  Thirty-nine companies, institutions and municipalities received the award for corporate responsibility, the promotion of people with disabilities, and the committed participation in creating a barrier-free society.

The award is provided especially to those organizations that:

  • Provide barrier-free service,
  • Build a barrier free environment, or renovate to remove existing barriers,
  • Create and maintain a corporate culture for ALL, taking on Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • And, most importantly, employ people with disabilities.